Sad Passing of Vivienne Darling

This morning, Saturday 29th May at 4:01am my beautiful wife Vivienne Hunt Passed away. 

Mother to Robert, James, Michael and Elizabeth she was the core of our family and the most giving, caring and loving person you could imagine.

Through her wonderful life she changed the lives of many others, including numerous children who she gave homes to, to try to give them a better chance at life.  Vivienne was the much loved teacher and owner of The British Academy of Manners and Etiquette working alongside her devoted and loving husband of 54 years, Anthony Hunt.

The British Academy of Manners and Etiquette will now be closed.  Thank you to all of the wonderful mothers and children that attended our classes. you made Vivienne so happy, she loved being with and teaching you through the classes.

Thank you all so much for your kind words, messages and calls.

Anthony Hunt